How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom In 6 Steps?

How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the widely used space in your home, and it may be the messiest place that needs to be correctly maintained, as keeping your home hygienic and germs-free is the most integral factor that must be on the priority list of every homeowner. Besides the soap scum and visible grime, countless unseen germs can affect your health and make your bathroom dirtier.

To protect your whole family and yourself from harmful germs and bacteria, you must sanitize your bathroom regularly and adequately. However, if you are looking for a guide to deep cleaning your bathroom, there are various things that you must need to consider before you begin the cleaning process. We have listed some easy tricks to clean your bathroom efficiently. Following our cleaning guide, you can make every corner and inch of your bathroom sparkle.

Easiest Tricks To Deep Clean Your Entire Bathroom Efficiently

You will need to clean your bathroom correctly to eliminate the lurking germs, accumulated dust, and targeted bacteria. It is not arduous to clean the bathrooms, but it takes time and elbow grease to deep clean them. Let us tell you the step-by-step procedure to clean your bathrooms efficiently.

1. Remove All Things From Their Usual Spots

Remove All Things From Their Usual Spots

To begin the cleaning process, the first step you should take to deep clean your bathroom is to remove all the items from their places. All the items related to the bathtub or shower need to remove. There must be accumulated dust on them that needs to be adequately cleaned.

Other than these, toss all the used towels in the washer machine and hang the rest on the wire. Make sure to empty the trash cans in the bathrooms and add the dustbin in the items that need to be cleaned. See if there’s anything on the counters of your bathroom.

2. Dust Off Dirt & Sweep

Dust Off Dirt & Sweep

Gather all the items in a place, and to get rid of the dirt and dust, you can use the duster to clear out all the dust efficiently. Besides cleaning off the dirty items, check all the corners of the bathrooms and see if there’s a cobweb. When you don’t clean your bathroom for a long time, there’s a possibility that there might be cobwebs on the vents and light fixtures.

If you have difficulty reaching the top corners and mounted light fixtures, you can use a step ladder to get up high and clear out all the cobwebs. When you remove all of them and the accumulated dust from the walls, mop the entire floor using a quality cleaner.

3. Apply Commercial Cleaner To The Shower & Bathtub

Apply Commercial Cleaner To The Shower & Bathtub

After you clean the dirt, hairs, and dust from the floors, here comes the cleaning of the bathroom accessories. To clean the shower in your bathroom, you can use an all-purpose cleaner to clean the shower track. Other than the shower, another integral item that needs to be cleaned properly is the bathtub.

When cleaning the bathtub, you can use lukewarm water and the best quality detergent according to the type of bathtub material. To tackle all other surfaces like baseboards, racks, shelves, doors, and window blinds, spray the detergent or cleaner on the sponge. Wipe down all the areas by working in the sections. Move the sponge from left to right and upward to clean effectively.

4. Mix Cleaning Solution For the Floor

Mix Cleaning Solution For the Floor

When applying the all-purpose cleaner on all the bathroom accessories, half of your job will be done amazingly. Besides, you will need to vacuum the floor to give them a well-balanced look. To clean the bathroom floors, take a bucket full of warm water and pour some drops of commercial cleaner into it.

You can hit the shower and bathtub with this solution to cleanse the loose dirt particles. Before rinsing, clean all the bathroom tile walls and make them look refreshed. You can use the glass cleaner if you have a shower door in your bathroom.

5. Clean The Entire Vanity Area

Last but not least, the most significant part of cleaning your bathroom is to give a renewed look to your vanity area. When cleaning the vanity, scrub the sink, countertops, and faucets. Use the clean microfiber cloth to give your vanity the finest look. Use the glass cleaner to wipe the dust and smudges on the mirror. You can use a damped cloth to clean all the cabinets in your bathroom.

6. Clean The Toilet

Clean The Toilet

Lastly, to give a sparkling look to your toilet, you can use a particular cleaner that will get the job done within seconds. You can use the toilet brush and move it in all directions to get rid of all the dirt before flushing.

To Fold Up!

Although, it is necessary to clean entire homes daily using all-purpose cleaners. But when cleaning the bathroom, people often need to remember to clean them. To eliminate lurking germs and bacteria targeting, you must clean all the bathroom accessories, floors, shower, toilet, and bathtub using an all-purpose cleaner.

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