Ultimate Guide For Easy Weekly Home Cleaning Checklist

Home Cleaning Checklist

Sanitizing your home on regular basis can make your look well-organized and appealing in appearance. To live a healthy and hassle-free life in your residences, get your home properly disinfectant. For a purely hygienic environment and fresh air to breathe in your home, it is obligatory to clean your home daily. However, when cleaning a house, there are never-ending tasks to do that require a proper checklist to accomplish them effectively.

Whether it is just cleaning your home windows and kitchen appliances or giving a fresh look to the curtains of your living and bedrooms, it must be your priority to keep everything in your home hygiene free. In this quick guide, we have listed complete details about cleaning your living, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and dining areas in the most appropriate way. If you are among those highly conscious about hygiene and keeping your home well-organized, you must read this guide till the end.

Step-By-Step Household Chores List For Deep Cleaning


Keeping your home clean is undoubtedly not an easy thing, but it is the need of the hour, so it is necessary to take measures to make your home look in order and completely disinfectant. If you cannot manage to do all-house deep cleaning on a daily basis, you can divide the chores into weekly tasks. Let’s take a quick ride with Miss House Keeper and get to manage your household cleaning chores most efficiently.

1. Cleaning Of Living Areas

Cleaning Of Living Areas

When it comes to the weekly cleaning of living areas, you can pick a day in a week and dust off the dirt from walls, blinds, baseboards, electronics, shelves, and doors. You can use a quality duster to clean all the hard-to-reach surfaces in your living room.

Besides dusting, vacuuming cleaning the couch from pets’ hairs, stains, and dust. If there are natural plants in your living areas, water them at least twice a week. Wipe down or rearrange the end and coffee tables of your home. Toss out all the unnecessary stuff from your living places and dust off the dirt from your window hangings, light fixtures, ceiling fans, vents, artworks, and frames.

2. Assembling The Kitchen

Assembling The Kitchen

The kitchen is the room that needs to be taken care of the most if you want to cherish a healthy life. In the weekly cleaning checklist of the kitchen, you should sweep and mop your kitchen thrice a week. Wipe down all the exterior surfaces of the cabinets, counterparts, appliances, and stovetops.

Don’t let any item of the kitchen accessories be greasy, and clean your stove burners. Properly clean and organize your pantry items, microwave, and coffee maker, and keep your fridges safe from bugs and exterior dust. Keep your food items in the fridge properly and throw away the stinky and expired products. Use vinegar and baking soda to clean the sink and throw away the garbage daily.

3. Organizing Your Bedroom

Organizing Your Bedroom

Among the weekly home cleaning guide, the bedroom is the most prominent place to be cleaned. It is easy to clean your bedroom compared to other home places. Change the bedsheets and wash the pillow covers, sofa covers, and duvets weekly in the washer machine.

Your bed mattress might get moistened because of the sweat, so you should let the mattress air dry, and if there’s a stain over the mattress, spot-clean it. Wipe the dust from the bedside tables, shelves, window sills, and dressing tables.

4. Deep Cleaning Of Bathroom

Deep Cleaning Of Bathroom

Although bathrooms have a comparatively small area to clean out, it is a bit time-consuming to clean your bathrooms. In weekly cleaning of your bathrooms, you should launder the bath mats and towels beside the sweeping and mopping. Wipe down the bathroom mirror and clean out your countertop and wash basin.

Besides that, clean the shower along with hardware and faucets and dust off the dirt from the doors and walls. Wash the shower curtains once a week and scrub your toilet twice a week. Use a quality commercial cleaner to sanitize your bathroom properly. Scrub the bathtub, nearby floor, and windows, or sanitize the hinges, attachments, and trash can.

To Wrap It All Up!

For a spotless and orderly maintained look in your domestic places, it is mandatory to do the cleaning of your home. Although it is obligatory to do the proper cleaning of the entire home regularly, if you cannot perform all the tasks on daily basis, you can divide them for the weekly cleaning.

When you clean the specific areas of your home on weekly basis, it greatly affects the home’s appearance and makes it antibacterial. You can choose particular tasks based on the room divisions and sweep, mop, or dust accordingly besides organizing the stuff and dusting all the accessories of your home.

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