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Miss Housekeeper is here to end your search for the trusted team to make your residencies look neat and clean. Now you can get your places thoroughly vacuumed without any stress. Get our professional maid services Dubai today.

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Made Clean Services

Hire Miss Housekepeer For Experts Maid Services Dubai 

Get our exceptional housekeeping services to have all of your cleaning chores done efficiently. Whether you want to approach us for the cleaning and vacuuming of floors or dust off the dirt from all the surfaces, our professionals are capable of handling all the minor to major tasks of Maid services Dubai.

We have a qualified team that will manage all the cleaning chores to their fullest capacity. You can hire our maid services in Dubai on hourly, weekly, or monthly basis. We offer satisfactory work while cleaning each part of your home.

Our Featured Housekeeping Services

Our maid service in Dubai includes tasks from cleaning, washing, and cooking to grocery shopping, walking family dogs, and taking care of children.

We Are A Top-Notch House Cleaning Service Provider in Dubai

Being the best house cleaning company, we are facilitating our clients with timeless house maid services dubai to improve the look of their homes. Our premium maid service dubai are meant to provide a completely hygienic environment to residents that is free from dust and allergens.

We tend to make your lives easier with our best cleaning services Dubai. From floor cleaning to dusting all the apparent and non-apparent services, we can expertly do each of the tasks. Our motive is to provide cleaning services for home improvement.

Classic Made Cleaning Services
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Get In Touch With Us For Cheap Maid Services Dubai

If you are looking for cheap maid services dubai, we got you covered. Being the best cleaning company in Dubai, we provide home maids that do things perfectly and professionally than other ordinary cleaning service providers in Dubai.

Sofa Cleaning

We have all the required tools to dust and clean your furniture items including sofas, chairs, and tables.

Carpet Cleaning

We give efficient rugs and carpet cleaning services Dubai in your homes that will enhance their longevity period.

Floor Cleaning

Whether indoor or outdoor floors, we can clean and mop them with advanced tools and equipment.

Mattress Cleaning

To make your home look clean from all perspectives, we even offer you mattress cleaning services.

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Why Prefer Us For Maid Services Dubai?

Miss HouseKeeper is your trustworthy partner for professional cleaning services. We have been delivering services for a couple of years and are experienced enough to handle any kind of cleaning project. We offer you a team of dozens of professionals that ensures the best maid services Dubai.

To get our quality cleaning services, you can get in contact with our team to schedule your time slot. Our motivated team will provide convenient and affordable services to clients. For custom services, you can request a free quote and get the cost estimate from our clients-representative team.

Noteworthy Feedback From Our Clients

For the room cleaning of my entire office, I booked their services. They finished the task right according to my instructions and properly cleaned the floors.


I approached them for the entire house cleaning services and believe me they are worth hiring again. I couldn’t find a single mistake in their work. Best cleaning services!


From the availability to the effective cleaning services, everything about their services was just incredible. They handled or managed the chores in a way that surprised me.


Frequently Asked Questions

A housekeeper is responsible for all the cleaning, sweeping, dusting, and mopping tasks. Besides, they have to do dishes, wash clothes, do the ironing, change the sheets, and many more.

Yes, you can avail our custom maid cleaning services according to your specific cleaning needs. You can hire professionals either for laundry or dishes and for the cleaning and mopping that suit your budget or needs.

It depends on the flexible services of the intended company. Companies do have full-time or part-time employees that you can hire weekly or on the basis of the intended needs.

Of course! You can get our maid services Dubai to get laundery or dry clean your clothes. Our maids will do it effectively with the surety of no flaws. Besides, you can get the iron service by booking your time slots with us.

By hiring Maid for cleaning services, you can save your time and money. Additionally, the work will be finished in the most professional way. Hire us for maid services Dubai to make your homes clean on time.

Not every company provides pet care services. But full-time housekeepers give you flexible services. You can ask the cleaning company for the type of services they offer. However, it depends on the type of pet or the amount of time you need for their care.

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